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Cleaning Services

ECC's cleaning and maintenance program focuses on the most important areas of a client’s office: general work areas, restrooms, food service areas, and other support areas. Our program also provides clients with a choice of weekly, monthly, or quarterly services.

Here's a sample of the services all our Cleaning & Maintenance clients enjoy. Of course, we can tailor customized maintenance programs to meet any client's special needs.
General Work Areas

* Empty & dispose of all trash & recyclables
* Replace trash liner
* Wipe down trash cans - as needed
* Dust all computers, telephones, printers, etc...
* Dust/polish all desks, credenzas, tables & files
* Dust all business machines
* Dry mop all hard surface flooring
* Wet mop/disinfect all hard surface flooring
* Spot clean all glass panels
* Wisk clean upholstered seating - as needed
* Detail clean conference rooms & reception areas
* Vacuum all carpeting


* Empty & dispose of all trash
* Wipe down trash cans - as needed
* Clean & disinfect all toilets
* Clean & disinfect all sinks
* Clean all mirrors
* Wipe down all walls, partitions & doors - as needed
* Clean & disinfect all doorknobs
* Restock all toilet tissue, hand towels, facial tissue & hand soaps
* Mop & disinfect all flooring
* Clean & disinfect HVAC air vents - as needed 

                                                                  Weekly Service - Included w/ Nightly Program

* Clean/polish all tables, credenzas & end tables
* Carpet spot/stain removal - as needed
* Spot clean all doors; remove smudges & hand prints - as needed
* High dust all areas between 5 & 8ft
* Trash all perishable food from refrigerators; disinfect in & out
* Spot clean walls & light switches - as needed
* Wipe down all staircase railings
* Mop all staircases & landings

Monthly Service - Included w Nightly Program

* Vacuum all upholstered seating
* Wipe down all file cabinets - as needed
* Clean & disinfect all telephone handsets, untangle cords
* Wipe down all window sills & moldings
* Dust all chair bases 


                                   Quarterly Service - Included w/ Nightly Program 

                                                       *  Disinfect all restrooms 
                                             *  Disinfect all food service areas
                                                 * Dust overhead light fixtures
                                           * Wipe down all doors & door frames
                                                            * Clean all trash cans
                                            * Scrub clean & disinfect kitchen floor

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