Elite Corporate Cleaning, LLC
   For all your Lowcountry cleaning needs

 Professional Cleaning Company


By the OWNER.  No matter how good a crew is, the cleaning quality will drop off over time if no one checks the work, and checking the work is the only proven way for us to control the quality you receive.  Another full service janitorial benefit.

Our crews are bonded, insured, and very trustworthy.  We select only the best cleaning staff with proven track records. Special care will be taken when operating your alarm system, and doors will be double-checked. You will always feel safer with ECC in your building.


No hidden charges, no billing surprises, and the price we quote you is guaranteed. We honor and respect your budget, saving you money now and down the road.


We offer you a 30 day trial in order to show you the ECC difference. Beware of companies that don't offer a trial period in writing. A "test run" with ECC helps you feel good about making the right choice and let's you know you've finally found the right cleaning company to work with.

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